What If It Ends?

A poem about right now.

NOTE: Watch this poem as a music video below.

What If It Ends?

by Scott Ninneman

What if this were the end?
Who would you see or call?
What if no days to come?
How would you spend it all?

What if the last sunrise
Greeted you on this day?
What if your lover’s smile
Disappeared as you pray?

What if tonight it’s done?
Tomorrow will not come
What if the timeline froze?
Your heart beat its last drum

What if the time was up?
What would you choose to change?
What if the song complete?
What would you rearrange?

What if the clock counts down?
What’d be your final act?
What if the lights go dim?
What line your final fact?

The truth is we know not
Just when our end will be
Each day must be embraced
With love and empathy

Life leaves when time runs out
The curtain falls unplanned
Take time to say what’s real
Give love without demand

April 4, 2020

If you’re struggling right now, please know you’re not alone. I almost gave up my fight, but I’m glad I’m still here. Things will improve for you, too.

Be kind and love one another. If you’re fighting depression, keep going. The end is not today. Hold on to hope.

Until next time, keep fighting.

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  1. A tough one, but so important right now. I’m thankful I’m with my family, that I’m able to do what I care about, but anxiety continues to clutch my heart every morning–will this be the day something happens? How can I stop that something? What will the something even be? Illness, money, injury–there are so, so many somethings besides the virus. I have to tell myself every day that I cannot live in fear, even though the news coverage seems to thrive on that at times. So we keep praying and hoping and working towards that better time. Stay safe and well! xxxxxxxx

  2. Hey Scott, nicely penned, l think the biggest problem is way too many people for whatever reason choose not to venture into the domain of these questions …however everyone should ask themselves these things where ever they are in their mind or the world – nicely done.

  3. Scott, this is beautiful and poignant. You have truly touched on what is important as we journey through this life. There is that inevitable ending for all of us one day, and it is in how we have chosen to live that is important. Did we honestly love? Did we truly offer our service to those in need? Did we appreciate those sunsets and flowers in spring and the snow capped mountains in winter? With this social distancing and being home all day I have started looking back (maybe too much). Life is so very fragile, precious and unpredictable. I understand exactly what you are saying. We never know that final hour, but we do know we have the power to do good and to reach out and to love, to help, and change those things we should change, as well as to appreciate this beautiful world and those whom we love right now before it is too late.

      1. Then ask yourself if you’re living the best life you can at any given moment. All of that other stuff is too much of a downer, man. I stopped contemplating that stuff shortly after I quit drinking and emerged from hell.

        Know what I mean, brother?

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