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Voices – A Poem About Mental Illness.

A poem about the internal voices you fight when coping with mental illness.

Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay

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Voices swirling in my head
The constant drone goes on
Filling me with fear and dread
Wishing to just be gone

Speaking lies in horrid tones
Stating I’m never good
Adding weight to crush my bones
Sure I’m misunderstood

Chiding me to harm myself
Telling me pain means love
Putting truth up on the shelf
Doubting what’s up above

Voices scream and torment me
Night and day echoes blare
I crave my mind be set free
To never have to share

No pills make these voices cease
My comrades stay with me
Their message won’t steal my peace
I’ll fight eternally

Tell those angry cries to hush
My life is mine, not yours
I’ll ignore your fervent rush
Push on to win these wars

Written August 26, 2020
By Scott Ninneman

There are so many voices when you have bipolar disorder. Whether they’re telling you lies about being worthless, compounding your depression, or encouraging addictions, you can overcome them.

Millions of us understand what you are going through, so never feel you’re alone. Together, we can push through to see another day.

Until next time, keep fighting.

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Watch this poem as a doodle video.

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