The Tough Days

A poem about living with chronic and mental illness.

NOTE: Hear me read this poem in the video version below.

The Tough Days

There are tough days when you know you just can’t
The world’s tipped at an impossible slant
Your energy flees in a nasty rant
You wither and droop just like a house plant

There are days it’s unthinkable to go
There’s no strength to put on another show
You succumb to the sad troubles you know
The light at the end loses its white glow

There are days when it is all much too hard
Trying to win you don’t have the right card
The scenery reflects all landscapes marred
All pathways to your heart are fully barred

There are days when all of your voices scream
When the night doesn’t hold a single dream
All that you are comes apart at the seam
What was once shiny loses all its gleam

There are days when the sums never add up
No joy found at the bottom of the cup
Pain ravages you without interrupt
You cower in corners like a small pup

There are days when all seems thoroughly wrong
The world is dark and devoid of its song
The path of light shown only to the strong
Where every bell rings a deafening gong

Those are the days it is hardest to fake
When each step forward feels like a mistake
But in due time from the darkness you’ll wake
If you hold on until morning’s daybreak

Written February 13, 2021
By Scott Ninneman

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When you have a mental or chronic illness, many days are difficult. This poem is about the hardest days and how they feel to the sufferer. | #poem #poetry #chronicillness #mentalillness
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