Reflections on 2023 with Scott Ninneman and Speaking Bipolar

Looking at the top speaking bipolar posts 2023

Welcome to 2024! Every time I write those numbers, it feels wrong.

As a child of the 1980s, I grew up singing Prince’s 1999 (released October 27, 1982). As a teen, it felt like 1999 would never come. Now, it’s 25 years in the past.

Time passes quickly, and that’s especially true as you get older. I swear, with every blink, an entire month disappears.

My parents celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary in December. “Celebrate” may be an exaggeration, as all I did was pick up take out from their favorite restaurant and a homemade apple pie from my boss’ wife. A few of my friends sent flowers, cards, or dropped off desserts, so for my folks, it felt like a celebration.

During the holidays, I took several days off from work and away from my online content. Each day, I used the ​My Positive Year End Review Guide​ to reflect on the last 12 months. I paid special attention to the moments that brought me joy and the lessons I learned.

One of those lessons is to never launch a ​self-improvement challenge​ in December. The idea was great, but I failed miserably in my attempt to follow it.

My challenge focus was on journaling and discarding unused items. I cleaned several things out of my house, but it was hardly a daily task. And as for journaling, I only completed four days. So, I’m trying again in January, and actually doing what I recommended: only focusing on one area.

Working in the Year-End Guide also revealed some great wins:

Besides the wins, I also learned a few vital life lessons:

  • It takes strength to ask for help
  • Some people bring you joy when they come, others when they leave
  • No one can do it all (even me)

Likely, you’ll see all of those as newsletters later this year.

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Every December, I take time off from work and imagine I can do the work of 50 men during that time. Then, I’m always shocked by how fast the time goes and how little I get done.

Last month was no different. While I accomplished a lot, including cleaning out my closet, my to-do list is still miles long.

Now, we’re officially entering tax season (God help me), and I’ll have even less time. Yet, I’m still hopeful. The quality of our time is often based on how we choose to use it, so I’m focusing on family and tasks that bring me joy.

This week’s featured post is Part 19 of the Speaking Bipolar Series. Part of it is pretty dark, discussing the impact of suicide on others, but it’s an integral part of my story. If you feel strong enough, you can read it below.

In the ​Speaking Bipolar Positivity Club​, this month’s paid subscriber gift is the Q4 2023 edition of the Best of Speaking Bipolar Magazine. You can also buy a digital copy in my ​Etsy Store​.

There’s a sale running in the Speaking Bipolar Etsy Store until January 31, 2024. Buyers can take 40 percent off their total purchase when they buy 3 or more Speaking Bipolar digital products.

Every year brings change to your life, and there’s no doubt 2024 will bring lots. How those changes affect you, though, is up to you. Greet the year with optimism, and you may surprise yourself with how much you can do.

Thank you for starting another January with Speaking Bipolar! I hope you have an amazing year.

Until next time, keep fighting.

Scott Ninneman

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