Surviving Bipolar – Sharing My Story

Surviving Bipolar is a weekly post that shines a spotlight on some of the highs and lows of a life lived with Bipolar Disorder. Click on a title to read the post.

Make a Contract With Yourself to Keep Living

Do no-suicide contracts work? They did for this man. If you are struggling with thoughts of ending it all, get help now. Resources are available in this post.

The Journey Begins – Part 1

Why share my personal Bipolar story? There are several reasons. Read the post for details.

How My Blog Came to Life – Part 2

Some good had to come from having Bipolar. In time, a blog was born. Read that story in this post.

Are Repressed Memories Real? – Part 3

Are repressed memories real? Read the story of what it was like when unwanted memories started to resurface.

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