Sometimes Depression – A Poem

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Sometimes Depression

Sometimes depression
Sneaks in through the back door
Menacing shadows
Pull you hard toward the floor

Sometimes depression
Is a violent force
Sanity bashing
Knocking all thoughts off course

Sometimes depression
Flutters in like a song
Notes mingling softly
Conquering before long

Sometimes depression
Holds you down for the count
Days spent in darkness
Refusing to dismount

Sometimes depression
Lets you up to breathe air
Fading but briefly
An optimistic dare

Sometimes depression
Rumbles in like a storm
Snuffing out color
With its dark twisting swarm

Sometimes depression
Returns like a lover
Temptingly smirking
This time it won’t hover

Sometimes depression
Flat refuses to lag
Drives in iron stakes
And raises its grim flag

Sometimes depression
Eventually subsides
Light from all angles
Refreshing hope provides

Sometimes depression
While sauntering away
Turns back and grins wide
Winking toward the next day

Its cloud never far
Taunting the vibrant sun
Depression decides
When its next web is spun

It comes flooding back
Gold crowned for a new reign
To rule as sometimes
Depression once again

– Written September 16, 2021 –

Depression is an inconsistent enemy. One time it sneaks in slowly taking over your life like the fog rolling in. The next times it clobbers you over the head with no warning and triggers bipolar anger or insomnia.

No matter how it starts, it’s equally frustrating. However, you must hold on to hope, because bipolar disorder depressive cycles always end.

Until next time, keep fighting.

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Poem Video:

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Depression can show up in many ways. This poem looks at a few of them. | #poem #poetry #depression #mentalillness
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