Screaming Inside

A poem about the battle I fight in my mind.
A man screaming in frustration, holding his head. | Graphic made by author with Canva.

Note: Watch the video version (read by author) of the poem below.

Screaming Inside

Screaming inside
Agony prevails
Tears left uncried
Break free from their jails

Voices calling
Shouting angry lies
Joy, hope falling
Blackening my skies

Torment unending
Nights spent awake
Memories blending
Thoughts I can’t take

Wondering what’s true
Searching for light
Remembering you
Choosing to fight

Bipolar taunts
Saying, “Just quit”
Negative haunts
Intentions split

Question what’s right
Hope for the best
Pray wings take flight
Pummel my chest

I need a break
One day and one night
No smile to fake
No monster in sight

It never stops
Each morning a hill
Surprising drops
Another small pill

But this is life
We all must battle
So full of strife
Endless words prattle

The only change
If we stay lit
Fight, rearrange
Refuse to quit

by Scott Ninneman

Life comes at you hard, especially if you’re fighting a mental illness. Some days, it feels impossible to go on, but you must. Life is always the only choice no matter how heavy your burden feels. You must keep fighting.

Screaming Inside | Poem read by author
Screaming Inside is a poem by Scott Ninneman about the internal battles of bipolar disorder. Read for a glimpse into mental illness.

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