All About Love: 21 Posts About Love, Relationships, and Bipolar

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My Speaking Bipolar family,

Since many of you are thinking about love and relationships this weekend, I dedicated this week’s newsletter to those subjects. You’ll find poems, positive heart-touching pieces, and a few for us singles. Several posts focus on love with bipolar disorder. Enjoy!

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Be Open to Love

1. Listen for the Silent “I Love You’s”

My most popular piece on Medium is now also on SpeakingBipolar.com. People tell you every day how much they care. Are you listening?

2. Take the Time to Say, “I Love You”

Why we should use the words.

3. The Role of Love as a Healing Force in Bipolar Disorder

From The International Bipolar Foundation. We all need love.

Start Today!

Love Yourself

4. How To Be Happier: Change Your Mental Illness Perspective

Choosing happiness is a way to love yourself.

5. How To Succeed and Get Back on Your Feet: 15 Inspirational Quotes

Loving yourself is hard when you slip up. This post has 15 quotes to help you get going again.

6. Why You Need to Learn to Like Yourself 

You really need to like yourself.

7. The Inspiration You Need To Never Give Up

Loving yourself means never giving up.

A poem about love’s possibilities.

Love Others

8. How To Be the Good You Want To See in the World

Make the world a better place by giving love to others.

9. The Immeasurable Value of the Little Things

The small acts of love matter.

10. It’s Time to Forgive. Was the Sin Worthy of a Life Sentence?

Love should be forgiving.

Bipolar Love

11. The Best Ways to Thrive in a Bipolar Relationship

Focus on love in your relationship and communicate clearly.

Sometimes love is tricky.

13. Keeping Love Alive in Marriage and Other Romantic Partnerships

From BPHope.com. 

14. Love or Bipolar Disorder—How Can You Tell the Difference?

From The Bipolar Battle.

A poem about unspoken love.

Poems About Love

15. Love Can Be

A poem about love’s possibilities. This poem is also this week’s featured video.

16. Secrets

 A poem about secret love.

17. When I Knew

  A poem about watching love blossom from inside.

18. Whispered Silence

 A poem about forbidden love.

19. You Call Me

A poem about love for those we lost.

Love Being Single

20. How To Date Yourself

 From ItsAllYouBoo.com

21. 26 Fun Ways to Date Yourself and Practice Self-Love

 From MyJearney.com

A poem about love for those we’ve lost.

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