Click on the title of each poem to read it. Any Medium links are free-read/friend links, so you can read them even if you’re not a member.

NOTE: Most poems also have a video version. If the video link is not on this page, it is on the text version page.

Keep Getting Up – Mental illness is a ruthless foe, but you must keep getting up. This poem describes the fight.

Whispered Silence – A poem about the complexity of relationships.

Crazy or Not? – A fun poem about what’s normal.

Dreams of Paradise – Dreams of a better future.

Video version.

Map of Life – What if our lives were mapped out for us?

What If It Ends? – What if the end comes tomorrow? What would you change?

Darkness Is Coming – How it feels when you know your depression is returning.

Anxiety Questions – Questions you ask yourself when coping with anxiety.

Alliteration Zealotry – A fun poem using alliteration about the author.

If I Were a Superhero – What would you do if you were a superhero? This is my most popular poem on YouTube.

Video version.

Power of Words – The words we use can help or harm. Choose carefully.

Bipolar Blur – What it feels like to experience bipolar blur. (Note: “Bipolar Blur” is a term I created.)

Mountain – When even simple tasks feel insurmountable.

Torture – The pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

I See You – A poem for everyone who has ever felt like their pain was invisible.

Video version.

Face in the Mirror – When chronic and/or mental illness makes you unrecognizable to you.

You Call Me – When ghosts of the past come to visit.

Honeycomb – A short poem about a chaotic mind.

Façade – Describing a narcissist.

Depth of Darkness  – When chronic and/or mental illness knocks you down to your lowest point.

Hidden – Why you should question your beliefs.

I Don’t Want to People Today – A poem for introverts.

Video version.

Mouse – A silly poem about a mouse.

Secrets – When you have to keep your love for someone hidden.

The Elusive Typo – The perils of writing online.

Oh Bathroom Floor, Save Me From This Life – A humorous look at spoonie life.

When I Knew – When you realize you’re in love.

The End – When you feel you can’t go on. (Trigger warning: This poem is from one of my darkest days and may not be appropriate for all readers.)

Video version.