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When I can’t sleep at night, which is a lot these days, I think about content I can create for you. I imagine you are laying awake somewhere wishing you had more of my content to read. Okay, so I know that’s not true, but don’t wake me up from this dream. Let me revel for a moment in the thought each of you thinking of me.

It also dawned on me this week that about half of you joined the Speaking Bipolar journey less than a year ago. That means, there is years of content you haven’t seen.

A lot of writers say you should sell everything you write. They think it’s a waste to offer any free content, whether it be blog posts, newsletters, or whatever.

Other writers say you should give away everything. I imagine those writers have a lot more money than me. Unfortunately, I have to sell a little just to keep the blog up and running.

I try to stick somewhere in the middle.

Start Today!

I started writing online to help others. Hopefully, in time, this effort will come back to me as a sustainable income. In the meantime, helping you is still the number one goal. While I am working on products for you to buy, I want to continue providing free resources as well.

This week I am adding a new item to the Speaking Bipolar Store. The Best So Far will eventually be a collection of books sharing my best content. In the meantime, I created a digital guide listing everything I posted online before 2020. Everything. If the response is good, I’ll publish a new guide each year.

The guide is full of clickable links organized by subject. Each link is the title of the post with a brief description underneath it.

The next time you’re laying awake at night, all you have to do is open this document on your phone or computer and click a title that sounds interesting. The guide is 25 pages and features over 125 posts. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy on those sleepless nights.

If you like this idea, I will produce a similar guide each year.

Get your free copy today!

Until next time, keep fighting.

The Best So Far - 2020 Collection, is an index of all the best content from Speaking Bipolar and Scott Ninneman up to 2020. The guide is 25 pages and features over 125 posts about bipolar, chronic illness, and personal development.
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