New Year’s Resolutions

A poem about our fickle friend.

Image by Heiko Stein from Pixabay

Here’s a fun poem about New Year’s Resolutions. We may not stick to them, but it’s still good to make them.

You can watch this poem in video format below. Enjoy!

New Year’s Resolutions

With each new year
We dream, we hope
Abandon fear
Know we will cope

We promise selves
A better life
We’ll tidy shelves
Abolish strife

We’ll own the day
We’ll lose the weight
We’ll walk away
Food on the plate

Establish goals
Plot fresh pathways
Exact strict tolls
Pray sunny days

The aim sincere
Our efforts real
We turn, we steer
We learn to deal

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But many goals
Will quickly fade
Like burning coals
Embers decayed

But still we try
We know we must
With dreams we fly
Without we rust

So dream your dream
And plot your course
Let your hope gleam
New rules enforce

For if you fail
Your goal you miss
You still prevail
For trying this

One step forward
Revives your soul
And moves you toward
A fuller whole

Improve a bit
Or change a lot
You’re richer now
Than what’s forgot

February 2, 2021

by Scott Ninneman

Start Today!

Watch this poem as a video:

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Read a fun poem about our fickle friends known as New Year's Resolutions. Music video format also available.
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