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The best way to come to terms with past abuse or a chronic illness diagnosis is to achieve acceptance. This post shows how one blogger got there. | #acceptance #abuse #SpeakingBipolar

We all need the motivation to face Mondays. This collection of posts includes inspirational quotes to help get your week started off right. Click on a title to read the post.

Why You Should Take Notes

There are many benefits to taking notes. This post covers just a few.

Don’t Give Up

When the chips are down, it’s all too tempting to give up. Read why one blogger kept going even when things were headed the wrong direction.

The Dangers of Procrastinating

Whether it’s taxes or mental health, procrastinating usually leads to only more problems.

Who Do You Want To Be?

The world is full of limiting beliefs, but in the end, you can control the person you become? Who do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

Learning to Be Brave

Are you brave? You may not think so, but often we are much braver than we realize. Read a story about discovering how to have more courage.

Enjoying the View During Unexpected Detours

Have you ever taken a detour? Some are unavoidable, but they all can offer gifts and value. Read how to change the way you look at life’s detours.

How To Turn Your Obstacles Into Stepping Stones

Can a blind man climb a mountain? Read the real-life experience of a blind mountain climber and how it can help you overcome obstacles in your life.

Learn To Embrace the Bad Days

Living with a chronic illness is the hardest on the bad days. Learn how to accept those days for better mental health.

Why You Need To Achieve Acceptance

The best way to come to terms with past abuse or a chronic illness diagnosis is to achieve acceptance. This post shows how one blogger got there.

3 Questions to Stop Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk has become normal for most people living with chronic or mental illness, but it shouldn’t be. This post looks at three questions to help you stop the voices.

Decide To Keep Trying

Having a chronic or mental illness doesn’t have to keep you down. Make the decision to keep trying, maintain hope, and cherish the good days. Read this post for more motivation.

Inspiration To Heal Your Broken Pieces

Do you ever feel broken? Does it seem like your illness has left you shattered? Read how the art of Kintsugi can inspire you to heal your broken pieces.

Appreciate the Value of Trials By Fire

What was your last serious trial? What did you learn from it? Is there a way to appreciate the value of a trial by fire? Read more.

Why You Need To Be Surrounded By Positive People

Does it matter if the people around you are positive or negative? What are the beneficial effects of positive thinking? Read this Monday Motivation post to answer those questions.

Choose Words Carefully: Life Lessons From an Angry Book Review

To authors, one of the worst things is to receive a negative book review. Read to learn a life lesson about why you should choose your words carefully.

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  1. Bipolar is definitely a full time job. Its amazing we manage to work too! There should definitely be an A level or course to understand it, it’s so complex and individual. Enjoy your Sunday- Monday is just round the corner. Keep up your spirits and positive mental state.

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