Be Better

These articles focus on self-improvement. Even if you have a mental and/or chronic illness, there are ways you continue improve your life.

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You Only Need to Be One Step Ahead to Help – What you know right now could be exactly what someone else needs to know. Read how hiking relates to your life.

Making One Simple Change Will Improve Your Life – Removing one word from my life made my life better.

The Inspiration You Need To Never Give Up – What a 1915 shipwreck can teach you about improving your life.

It’s Okay to be Afraid, But Don’t Let Fear Cripple You – The world gives us many reasons to be afraid. That fear should never stop you from moving forward.

How To Create More Happiness in Your Life – Everyone wants to be happier. Here are some positive steps you can take today.

15 Inspirational Quotes: How To Get Back On Your Feet Emotionally – The encouragement you need to get going again.

51 Powerful Inspirational Quotes for Living With Bipolar Disorder – Lots more encouraging quotes and how to apply them to your life.

It’s Okay to Be a Disaster – It’s part of the process.

Dear 2020 - a Letter of Hope for the New Year – A letter of hope to 2020.

My Greatest Gift is Found in a Few Simple Letters – Our greatest gifts are often found in the smallest things.

Do We All Live in the Same World? – Do we have any right to judge our neighbor?

I Was the Shy Kid Determined to Do It All on My Own – Is independence a good or bad thing?

Does Anyone Actually Believe They Are Successful? – A look at impostor syndrome.

Power of Words – A poem about why we should choose our words carefully.

Video version.

It’s Time to Forgive. Was the Sin Worthy of a Life Sentence? – Have you been holding on to anger or resentment? It’s time to let it go.

Listen for the Silent “I Love You’s” – People are telling us every day how much they love us. We just have to listen.

How Keeping a Journal Made My Life Better – The impact of journaling on my life.

Practice Until You Can’t Get It Wrong – The gem Julie Andrews revealed in an interview.

Appreciate the Value of Trials by Fire – Not all fires are bad. Learn a lesson from the Jack Pine tree.

Hidden – A poem about why you should question your beliefs.

Video Version.

You Generally See What You Want to See – Is there any value in looking for signs? My experiment with numbers.

Conquer Fear by Learning to be Strong on the Darkest Days – Ways to increase your strength.

Is Bad a Necessity for There to be Good? – Why I think the answer is no.

To Help Others You Only Need to Be One Step Ahead – We all have something to give. A lesson learned while hiking.

An Inspirational Letter to 20-Year-Old Me – (On The Good Men Project) The letter I wish I could send to my younger self.

Improve Your Life by Learning to Have More Gratitude – How to be more grateful.

The Morning Routine Failed to Improve My Life – Do morning routines work for everyone?

A page dedicated to spoonie life.

How To Be the Good You Want To See in the World – What you can do to make the world a better place.

An Important Life Lesson Learned From My Uncle’s Silence – My uncle spoke little. Here’s what his silence taught me.

Keep a Success List to Change Your Life – Why you should keep a list of our your wins.

3 Questions to Stop Negative Self-Talk – Negative self-talk has become normal for most people living with chronic or mental illness, but it shouldn’t be. This post looks at three questions to help you stop the voices.

Why You Should Take Notes – There are many benefits to taking notes. This post covers just a few.

Don’t Give Up – When the chips are down, it’s all too tempting to give up. Read why one blogger kept going even when things were headed the wrong direction.

The Dangers of Procrastinating – Whether it’s taxes or mental health, procrastinating usually leads to only more problems.

Who Do You Want To Be? – The world is full of limiting beliefs, but in the end, you can control the person you become? Who do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

Learning to Be Brave – Are you brave? You may not think so, but often we are much braver than we realize. Read a story about discovering how to have more courage.

Enjoying the View During Unexpected Detours – Have you ever taken a detour? Some are unavoidable, but they all can offer gifts and value. Read how to change the way you look at life’s detours.

How To Turn Your Obstacles Into Stepping Stones – Can a blind man climb a mountain? Read the real-life experience of a blind mountain climber and how it can help you overcome obstacles in your life.

Learn To Embrace the Bad Days – Living with a chronic illness is the hardest on the bad days. Learn how to accept those days for better mental health.

Why You Need To Achieve Acceptance – The best way to come to terms with past abuse or a chronic illness diagnosis is to achieve acceptance. This post shows how one blogger got there.

Decide To Keep Trying – Having a chronic or mental illness doesn’t have to keep you down. Make the decision to keep trying, maintain hope, and cherish the good days. Read this post for more motivation.

Inspiration To Heal Your Broken Pieces – Do you ever feel broken? Does it seem like your illness has left you shattered? Read how the art of Kintsugi can inspire you to heal your broken pieces.

Appreciate the Value of Trials By Fire – What was your last serious trial? What did you learn from it? Is there a way to appreciate the value of a trial by fire? Read more.

Why You Need To Be Surrounded By Positive People – Does it matter if the people around you are positive or negative? What are the beneficial effects of positive thinking? Read this Monday Motivation post to answer those questions.

Choose Words Carefully: Life Lessons From an Angry Book Review – To authors, one of the worst things is to receive a negative book review. Read to learn a life lesson about why you should choose your words carefully.