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Keep Getting Up

a poem describing the ravages of mental and chronic illness.
Image by Valentin Tikhonov from Pixabay

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Keep Getting Up

by Scott Ninneman

It jabs you with sinister lies
Sweeping you off your feet
Once down, it smirks and sneers at you
Gloating at your defeat

Keep getting up

It punches lungs with icy fists
Expelling air from rooms
Kicks your kidneys with mammoth strength
Makes you breathe toxic fumes

Keep getting up

It wrestles tears from arid eyes
Deep sadness rarely leaves
Shouts insults with sharp hurtful cries
Your heart in two it cleaves

Keep getting up

It steals your worth and hopes of peace
Pours salt in open wounds
It speaks of night that will not end
Then blocks the light of moons

Keep getting up

Your mind it strips of studied skills
Garnishing empty threats
Tramples your faith and cools your love
Cultivates mounting debts

Keep getting up

It swears no better days will come
The best has passed you by
Whispers secrets you tried to hide
Undermines every try

Keep getting up

It grinds its teeth through your weak soul
Rattling your iron cage
Laughs at its imminent win
Unfazed by righteous rage

Keep getting up

Please know its lies are never true
Your triumph is in sight
Your spirit will yet rise again
You mustn’t cease to fight

Keep getting up!

June 6, 2020

There’s a reason we call ourselves “mental illness warriors.” It’s a battle every day.

Hard days can feel impossible, especially when it feels like no one understands or we struggle with communication. Whether anxiety, depression, or mixed episodes, the weight of your mind and heart can smother your spirit. Yet, you must continue to fight. Some nights are long, but the sun always comes up.

Like a flame, you will rise again.

Until next time, keep fighting.

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Mental and chronic illnesses do their best to knock you down. No matter what happens, you need to keep getting up. This poem will inspire you to keep fighting. | #poem #poetry #endurance #mentalillness
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