Sometimes You Need to Just Breathe

The one song that always brings me back to center.
Just Breathe

A few days ago, I was in the drive-thru at Hardee’s when Breathe by Anna Nalick came on the radio. It’s one of my favorite songs, so since the line was not moving, I blared it through my speakers.

I love the song because of the raw honesty that Anna imbues into the song. She talks about feeling exposed in front of her listeners. She knows they will take her words and add their own meaning.

The same is true for all of us that write blogs. Every word that we put out into the digital world is us opening up our hearts and being vulnerable.

Mental Illness Sucks

Let’s face it, having a mental illness sucks. It frequently limits how many hours we sleep, it controls our relationship with food, and dictates how we interact with others.

With bipolar, I have two social states. One, I love everyone and want to talk until I exhaust my listeners. Two, my head is full of brain fog and the thought of being around people induces severe anxiety.

Living with these challenges is why I keep writing for this blog. For a long time, I didn’t talk about my mental illness, and that silence stopped me from helping those that really needed me.

No more.

Start Today!

There are Bad Days

In every post, I do my best to portray a positive message. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days. I do and lots of them. Sometimes I have bad weeks.

Yet, I refuse to quit. The urge is there, sometimes so loud that I can’t hear anything else, but I am determined to keep fighting.

On those awful days, songs like Breathe help me keep going. They remind me I’m not alone and that others are suffering and surviving.

None of us are alone, and music can remind us of that.

Sometimes You Need to Just Breathe. The one song that always brings me back to center. | #mentalhealth #lifelessons
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Never Quit

Are you going through a rough time? Is the desire to just give up overwhelming you?

If so, I’m so sorry. Please know that things do get better. Every night eventually ends, and so do the bad patches.

When things start feeling like too much, just play the song below and remember to, “Just breath.”

Until next time, keep fighting.

A quick poem before you go.

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