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everything i published online in January 2022.
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Here is the collection of all the online content created in January 2022 by Scott Ninneman. Click the title to read the post.


The Challenges of Caring For Aging Parents Is An Ever-Changing Dance – A post comparing caring for elderly parents to dancing.


Planning Your New Year’s Resolutions When You Have Bipolar Disorder – The steps you need to create and keep your bipolar resolutions.

The Monday I Almost Killed My Computer – A humorous look at how bipolar anger can pop up at any time.

When Your Give-a-Darn Is Broken – What it’s like when bipolar depression takes away your ability to care about anything.

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People of Earth, These Are the 7 Resolutions You Should Make This Year – What if an alien was up above the Earth watching us? This fun post is about Beezzeeppo, an alien who’s been watching for two years. He has some insightful advice for you.

Life Lessons

How Do You View Your Diamonds? – Your world is full of diamonds. How do you view them? This post will change the way you see things.


What Makes You a Success as a Writer – The answer is in your definition.

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