January 2020 in Review – All My Writing in One Place

The goal was to produce a weekly post of all of my writing around the web. Life had other plans. I’m a tax preparer, and tax season has taken over my life.

Instead, I hope to produce a monthly listing of my writing and where you can find it. Here’s a list of everything I published in January 2020.

Note: Any Medium links are friend/free read links.

The start of a new decade has most of us hoping for positive change. In Dear 2020 - a Letter of Hope for the New Year, you’ll find some of my desires for the new year.

Living with chronic illness is one adventure after another. Recently, I did a public reading, but things didn’t go as planned. Read about it in, Chronic Illness Strikes: When You Stop Breathing Onstage

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Can you trust statistics? I have a friend who says no. The Ultimate Truth: Statistics Are the Devil’s Playground is a humorous look at the subject of stats and where they come from.

A few times a month, I like to publish posts that highlight three resonating articles by other writers. Dragons, Depression, and Depth - 3 Stories to Read is one of those articles. If you read only one story from the list, make sure it’s the one by Dan Rojas. All three are worth your reading time.

Who doesn’t want to be happier? If you’re looking for ways to have more happiness this year, be sure to read, How To Create More Happiness in Your Life

Our words have power, so we need to be careful how we use them. Power of Words is a poem about that power. Read the poem by clicking the title or watch it as a video here.

It’s hard to stay positive and friendly all the time. Sometimes you just want to be bad. Today I Want to Be Bad is my attempt at humor from facing a difficult day.

The Difference a Day Makes with Chronic Illness is a tale of how increasing the number of hours I’m working during tax time has affected my health.

Are you a writer? Do you get writer’s block? How To Use Your Time at Starbucks for Character Development describes a writing exercise to help you get writing again.

Roller Derbies, Terriers, and Super Powers is another post highlighting to works of other writers. The story about super powers was my favorite, but all three stories are great.

February and March may be light months for new stories, but I’ll be posting as I can. The best way to keep up with me is to subscribe to my newsletter. As part of my routine, most Sundays, I send out some encouragement for better living and a list of what I wrote for the week. Rarely do I send out over one email per week. I’d hate to see you go, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Until next time, keep fighting.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Several of the links are off-blog to Medium.com. That site may not be accessible from all areas. I will be reposting much of the content to the blog and will update the links as I do so. I hope you’ll come back again.

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