Fighting Mania

A Poem About Living With Bipolar Disorder

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Fighting Mania

I see you coming
I know your price
Nights spent sleepless 
Yet full of vice

I love your high
The morning boost
Fresh ideas 
All flight, no roost

Creative joys 
Boundless desires 
Rushing movements 
Erupting fires

My manic friend 
Hushes warnings 
And doubt placates

No visit free 
It claims its due
Exacting sums 
Both old and new

For in its wake 
Another stirs 
A darkness bleak 
With painful spurs 

It takes its time 
Flips upside down 
Sucks out the air
Makes hope breakdown 

A heavy price 
To ride this ride 
Depression comes 
Soul-crushing tide 

I am adrift 
Floating at sea 
Can’t stop the high 
Or with it plea 

So do your worst 
With manic burst
To steal the light 
Leave me submersed

For just as sure
Each high will come 
I have no doubt 
You’ll make me numb 

But as each high 
Meets bitter ends 
The darkness too 
Not long descends

There is a light 
You cannot take 
It guides me home 
To new daybreak

For this I fight 
I’ll never quit 
So take your toll 
Demand your pit 

For I can’t fail 
My spirit’s fit 
I’ll fight each day 
To life commit

Written June 19, 2021

by Scott Ninneman

Mania may feel fun at the start, but it’s always full of troubling emotions. From anger to anxiety, manic episodes can intensify your worst feelings. You can reduce your manic cycles but learning what triggers them and then avoid your triggers.

Working nights triggered manic episodes for me. Watch which things in your life affect your stability.

Learn more about signs of bipolar disorder and how to reduce its effects on you life.

Until next time, keep fighting.

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Man with boxing glove - Each time mania comes around, it’s a battle, and it doesn’t end with the manic episode. This poem is about experiencing the mania fight. | #bipolar #bipolarstrong #livingwithmentalillness #poem
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