How Do You View Your Diamonds?

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Imagine a friend gave you a 50-carat diamond. How would you feel? What would that brilliant rock mean to you? Would you simply toss it outside and forget about it?

According to the website, The Diamond Pro, a one-carat diamond is worth $2,500-$18,000. Each increase in carat size raises the value exponentially, so a five-carat diamond would be worth $9,600-$67,500 per carat.

What about a 50-carat gem stone? Back in 2012, a pear-shaped flawless diamond of 50.52 carats sold for $9.5 million, or $188,000 per carat.

Now imagine that 50-carat rock sparkling in your hand. Are you going to appreciate its value or run for your jeweler’s eyepiece and start looking for the flaws?

I don’t know about you, but I’d probably be laying passed out on the floor in complete shock that my friend had given me a present worth so much.

Start Today!

The thing is, our lives are full of diamonds, one being the people we see every day. Yes, some are rough-cut and full of flaws, but every bit as valuable as the 50-carat diamond sold in 2012.

You are a diamond. I am a diamond, though nothing like the flawless one I mentioned.

Everything in life is like a diamond. Whether it’s your mental health or your talents, the value of each is determined by what you choose to focus on. If you choose to see the positive, the value will increase. However, if you choose to focus on the flaws, you will never be happy.

Look around your world today and see all the diamonds in it. As you look at each one, what are you focusing on? Can you see more positive?

We all have diamonds. It’s up to us to determine their value.

Until next time, keep fighting.

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