Monday Motivation: Don’t Give Up

Often the hardest thing is to keep going, especially when everything seems to be stacked against you. Read why one blogger hasn't given up on the dream of making his blog successful. | #inspiration #motivation #quotes

9 Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Going Inspirational Quote: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” - Thomas A. Edison Have you ever been there? Were you ever faced with a difficult decision with two equally viable paths to take? With … Continue reading Monday Motivation: Don’t Give Up

Monday Motivation: Why You Should Take Notes

Why should you take notes on your life? This brief post will answer that question. Read now.

Quote of the Week "The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory"  - Chinese proverb The above proverb is frequently reworded to, "Better a dull pencil than a sharp mind." Note taking is a bit of an obsession of mine. Between sticky notes and notebooks, I am always taking notes for future use. I'm … Continue reading Monday Motivation: Why You Should Take Notes