Spoonies (Chronic Illness)

Each of these stories is about living life with chronic illness. Any Medium links are free-read/friend links, so you can read every story even if you are not a Medium member.

Click on a title to read the post. You may also enjoy the Surviving Bipolar Series which shares my mental illness journey from the start.

Highlights from the post.

Solutions for Working Full-Time With a Chronic Illness – How I work full-time with my health conditions.

Please, Stop Saying, “But You Don’t Look Sick” – An open letter to friends and family of the chronically ill.

21 Best Gift Ideas for the Chronically Ill – Does a loved one have a chronic illness? Here are some gift ideas that will brighten their day.

How Chronic Illness Has Changed My Everyday Life – The effects of chronic illness.

Oh Bathroom Floor, Save Me From This Spoonie Life – A fun poem about spoonie life.

4 Things a Chronic Illness Teaches You – What you learn when you live with chronic illness.

Chronic Illness Strikes: When You Stop Breathing Onstage – A scary experience that happened to me during a public reading.

The Difference a Day Makes with Chronic Illness – Working one more day a week shouldn’t change anything, right? That’s what I thought. I was wrong.

The Perils of Getting the Flu with a Chronic Illness – The flu I thought would be the end of me.

Checking Off Another Box On My Healthcare Bingo Card – An attempt at humor with spoonie life.

It’s Okay to Be a Disaster – Sometimes life is messy. That’s okay. The messy parts are the only way to reach success.

When Work Takes It All Out of You – Working with chronic illness.