Bipolar Musings

Bipolar Musings is a collection of posts about living with Bipolar Disorder. Click any title to read the post.

Conquer Fear by Learning to be Strong on the Darkest Days

Fear is one of the biggest enemies when you are dealing with mental illness. How can you cope?

Riding in Chaos on the Relationship Carousel

Can you survive in a relationship when you have Bipolar?

Losing Time and Dancing With Disaster

Sometimes people with Bipolar Disorder lose time. What is that like? Read one blogger’s story.

What a Panic Attack Feels Like

What is a panic attack really like? This post explains it.

Bipolar, Chronic Illness & Spinning Plates

Everyday life can become overwhelming when you have Bipolar. How can you cope? Read on.

The Bipolar Avalanche – Playing High Stakes Jenga

Bipolar Life can sometimes feel like playing a game of high stakes Jenga. Read one survivor’s story.

Chronic Illness Adventures and Running Into Walls

Read what’s it’s like to have both a chronic and mental illness.

What Is Bipolar Anger? An Insider’s Perspective on Rage

What is Bipolar anger like for the patient? What’s the difference between anger and rage? Read this post from a mental illness warrior.

5 Ways to Successfully Handle Bipolar Rage and Anger

How can you cope with Bipolar rage and anger? This post covers 5 ways to help yourself and is written by a mental illness survivor.

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