Bipolar Musings

Bipolar Musings is a collection of posts about living with Bipolar Disorder. Click any title to read the post. Any Medium links are free-read/friend links, so you can read the entire post even if you are not a Medium member.

12 Frequent Signs That Point to Bipolar Disorder (With Patient Notes) – Common symptoms of bipolar and how they have manifested in my life.

To All Who Are Woefully Misinformed About Bipolar Disorder – An open letter about the truth of bipolar disorder.

Speaking Bipolar — A Mental Illness Translator – What you say to someone with bipolar disorder isn’t always what they hear. Read some examples that illustrate this truth.

Perspective on Bipolar Depression and How To Survive It – What bipolar depression feels like, and how I cope with it.

How To Cope With Bipolar Disorder in a New Season – Changing seasons can throw bipolar disorder into chaos. Read some tips for how to best manage the changes.

Bipolar Disorder and Medication: Spotlight on Fears – Some people don’t seek treatment for their bipolar because they fear how the medication might change them. This post illustrates how medication has improved my life.

Popular Mental Illness Lies That Stop Men From Getting Help – There are some common lies being told that stop those in need from getting help. Here are a few of them.

It’s Okay to Be a Disaster – Living with mental illness can be messy. That’s okay because that mess is part of getting better.

Revealing What Happens When Experiencing Bipolar Blur – “Bipolar Blue” is not a medical term but my description of the days when mental illness makes your world blur around you.

Confessions of Suicidal Ideation for a Grieving Father – Bipolar disorder frequently causes suicidal ideation. When a former colleague lost his son, I had to write this open letter to him.

Is Self-Harm About Seeking Attention? – It’s a common misbelief. I share my personal story as proof that, for most people, self-harm is something they try to keep hidden.

I Stopped Self-Harming. Now What? – In answer to a reader, how my life has changed since I stopped self-harming.

The Simple Document That Kept Me Alive – A personal experience with no-suicide contracts.

The Best Therapist is Rarely the First One – Finding the right therapist for you can be a lengthy process. This story shares part of my journey.

What Is Bipolar Anger? An Insider’s Perspective on Rage – What it feels like to experience bipolar rage.

5 Ways to Successfully Handle Bipolar Rage and Anger – Tips for coping with bipolar anger.

The Pain of Loss Is Why I Write About Mental Illness – The story of why I started writing online.

The Best Ways to Thrive in a Bipolar Relationship – Tips for improving your relationships.

I Am Bipolar, and It’s Okay for Me to Say That – Why I choose to use the expression, “I’m bipolar.”

Putting the Bipolar Brain to Bed – A funny look at an overactive mind at bedtime.

The Two Faces of Bipolar Disorder – A look at bipolar extremes.

Guys Also Feel Down, Lost and Internally Broken – The title says it all.

A poem about living with bipolar.

Coping with Grief and Bipolar When You Lose the One You Love the Most

Conquer Fear by Learning to be Strong on the Darkest Days – Fear is one of the biggest enemies when you are dealing with mental illness. How can you cope?

Riding in Chaos on the Relationship Carousel – Can you survive in a relationship when you have Bipolar?

Losing Time and Dancing With Disaster – Sometimes people with Bipolar Disorder lose time. What is that like? Read one blogger’s story.

What a Panic Attack Feels Like – What is a panic attack really like? This post explains it.

Bipolar, Chronic Illness & Spinning Plates – Everyday life can become overwhelming when you have Bipolar. How can you cope? Read on.

The Bipolar Avalanche – Playing High Stakes Jenga – Bipolar Life can sometimes feel like playing a game of high stakes Jenga. Read one survivor’s story.

Chronic Illness Adventures and Running Into Walls – Read what’s it’s like to have both a chronic and mental illness.